Prepared, Preventive, Proactive—Premier Energy Services.

Premier’s culture is extremely team-oriented. As a team, we are excited to be out in the field every day, working together to complete any job… and quickly at that. Our UTVs have GPS tracking, which allows us to immediately locate and respond to any identified issues in the field. In addition to our fundamental energy services, we strive to help our clients prepare their machinery for harsh weather conditions. We can custom build structures to protect water pumps, tanks, or other equipment. We view each task as an opportunity to demonstrate our unwavering commitment to delivering premier energy services. The success and completion of our environmental services depend greatly on our organizational skills—the combination of scheduling, coordination, budgeting, time management, and planning. Above all, we abide by the process of Best Management Practices (BMP) in all that we do. Our team collaborates with each other and with clients to meet their varying specifications, and identify areas of risk for their benefit.

Pipeline Services View

Pipeline Services - Image

Pipeline inspection remains our most common service. However, we are firm believers in getting the pipelines up-and-running as well as keeping them in use. That’s why we perform meticulous pipeline testing procedures and preventive maintenance on all associated facilities. Premier visually inspects and documents water right-of-way (ROW), and identifies any compromised facilities, unauthorized leaks or discharges, deficiencies, health and safety issues, or irregular activities. We inspect all of our client-requested freshwater impoundments (FWIs) and pits daily.


  • Right-of-way (ROW) inspection
  • Aboveground storage tank (AST) inspection
  • Slip report
  • Monitoring levels of freshwater impoundments (FWIs)
  • Manning and operating valves
  • Pump station inspection
  • Metering station testing
  • Erosion control
  • Air release valves (ARVs) installation and inspection
  • Contaminated (flowback) water impoundments


  • Pit level and tank maintenance
  • Frac tank maintenance
  • Routine and nonroutine maintenance
  • Facilities installation
  • Air release valves (ARVs) maintenance
  • Placing above ground facilities and risers
  • Emergency response
  • Pit treatments

Roustabout Labor View

Roustabout Labor - Image

Premier Energy Services provides a variety of roustabout services to support the efforts of natural gas operations. We pride ourselves on supplying the demands of our clients and understanding that consistency is key. When it comes to working on and around our job sites, our roustabouts always operate safely and efficiently.

Our roustabout services include:

  • Erosion and sediment control Best Management Practices (BMP) installation, maintenance, and repair
  • Visual geotechnical slip detection
  • Silt and barbed wire fence repair
  • ROW clearing
  • Road repair
  • Safety feature installation and maintenance
  • General housekeeping on all client requested facilities
  • General construction/general contracting (GC)
  • Gate installation
  • Traffic control

Hotshots & Equipment Rentals View

Hotshots & Equipment Rentals - Image

Hotshot: Our convoy of readily available trucks and our excellent time management skills make for quick turnaround times for our customers. We effectively mobilize to deliver preventive, emergency, or just plain necessary hotshot services with ease. Equipment Rentals: We strive to serve our clients however we can. Whether you hire us to complete your oil and natural gas project, turn to us for construction management insight, or simply need some equipment, Premier is here to help. We provide an assortment of (and the delivery of) equipment for rent.

Our rentals include, but are not limited to:

  • Trash trailers
  • Light plants
  • Skid steers
  • Excavators

Construction Management View

Construction Management - Image

Our energy sector expertise comes from a thorough background of being a licensed general contractor (GC) and having years of experience in oil and gas. We can offer oversight and management of projects, or provide you with solid advice backed by our analytical and evaluation skills for you to carry out operations on your own. Either way, we represent our clients and their best interests, whether saving them money or time, or being the foundation for sustainability of any project.

We can help you with:

  • Pipeline construction projects
  • Inspections
  • ROW reporting
  • Environmental containment (placement and financial advising)
  • Water consulting

Fluid Transportation Trucks View

Fluid Transportation Trucks - Image

Premier Energy Services’ fluid transportation trucks provide fresh water, production water, mud transfer, and vac-out services to rig sites and disposal facilities throughout WV, PA, and OH. Our strategically placed locations in Clarksburg and Wheeling WV enable us to quickly meet customer demand anywhere within a 100-mile radius.

110 Barrel Trucks
Volume and dependability

Our large capacity fluid transportation trucks delivery volume anywhere our customers’ needs require. This could include fresh fluids, produced fluids, oil & gas fluids or transportation of disposal fluids.

Mini Bottle Trucks (1,000 gallon)
Compact and versatile

Our Mini-Bottle fluid transportation trucks can reach more confined and/or restricted areas. They specialize in small containment, pad sump dewatering, supplying water to small hydro-seeding, and supplying fresh water to other equipment in the field.